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ted talk: closing orphanages

yes, we should close orphanages, let alone starting one! this woman learned it the hard way, so she can tell us why. thank you! at least i can now say … Continue reading

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Hymn (Sherman Alexie)

Why do we measure people’s capacity To love by how well they love their progeny? That kind of love is easy. Encoded. Any lion can be devoted To its cubs. … Continue reading

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i’ve been pondering over the last few years about “connection”, one of the themes of my life. it’s funny how life only let me find this person now: barbara sher. … Continue reading

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my stroke of insight

jill bolte taylor wrote about her experience having her left brain practically turned off due to stroke. she lived with her right brain only, and gradually within 8 years gained … Continue reading

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joanna soh (youtube)

this south-east asian fitness expert is awesome! for the first time i saw such an easy explanation for our body makeup and how both physical activities and diet relate with … Continue reading

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reviewing religions

long long time ago in my early 20s, i read a lot about religions. most of them were theories (verses), stories, etc that i could not immediately understand. as i … Continue reading

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i do not have the luxury of not thinking about…

how we can be nicer to each other how we can be truer to our heart how we can be more honest not blunt how we can be more straightforward … Continue reading

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lang leav’s poem

just wanna say, that this poem really strikes my heartstrings! You’ve wandered off too far, you’ve forgotten who you are; you’ve let down the ones you love, you’ve given up … Continue reading

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catatan sebuah perjalanan

semeru. aku ingin pergi. panggilan itu begitu kuat. halus, tak menggebu2, tapi dia selalu ada. tak bisa aku rasionalisasikan. dulu aku mencapai 3000m sebelum ultah ke 30, dan sekarang aku mau … Continue reading

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